Travel + Leisure: Palawan, Philippines, emerged among the Top 25 Islands in the World


If you are planning to have a trip or vacation on any day of this year, Palawan is the best travel and leisure destination for you! It continues to attract foreign and local tourists after gaining a spot in the Top 25 Best Islands in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine and online publicationThe result on September 8, 2021, came after a survey done to several readers from January 11 to May 10 of the same year the outcome was released. One can only evaluate the phenomenal Islands they have visited through recalling their unforgettable experiences and ranking them.


Discovering paradise abroad may be a great experience. But if we already have it in our country, one of the BEST ISLANDS IN THE WORLD, dismissing our plans to go to overseas to do island hopping and explore our place this coming summer vacation, is more admirable. It is a way of helping the local businesses jumpstart our domestic tourism. We also welcome foreigners planning to have an unforgettable trip to the Philippines. The country exhibits diverse tropical vacation places from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. One of the well-known Provinces proudly featuring its natural attractions is found in Palawan—Coron! Let’s guide you on what to expect on this stunning island.



After being stuck at home for several months or even almost two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, climbing to or hiking a mountain could be the best way to burn those stubborn fats. One thing is for sure, your sweat drip after taking the 742 steps to the top of the mountain. Mt Tapyas is a great place to view the horizon of Busuanga Island and Coron bay. Visitors recommend going up the grassy mountain an hour before sunset or when the sun is not at 10 o’clock, as the temperature is humid and warm. Nonetheless, you’ll get a bonus view of the seemingly unending skyline of the peaceful ocean. If hiking is not your thing and love to witness its beauty, SkyLodge Resort is the perfect spot for viewing. 

The hot springs are surrounded by mangrove trees, creating a wildlife atmosphere. The pool temperature ranges between 37° and 40° Celsius. Oh, men, be careful with the two ping pong balls hanging below. You don’t want them boiled at Maquinit Hot Springs! Kidding aside, the pools are filled with a natural hot water coming from an underground volcano. Here’s a little scientific explanation of the hot water. Hot springs result from the interaction of groundwater with magma at shallow depths. Maquinit Spring is located thirty minutes away from Coron town. You may rent a tricycle going to the enchanting hot pools. 

According to a geographical publication, the island of Coron is made up of four major islets that offer stunning beaches and rich aquatic biodiversity. While re-energizing from the hectic schedules at work, it is also best to experience being sailed away by the small waves of the ocean, dividing the inland and marine parts of Coron. Don’t miss the island hopping, as it is your gateway to impressive white-sand beaches that are likened to Boracay. The famous islands; are Malcapuya beach, Banul Island, Atwayan beach, Coron Youth Club beach, to name a few. 

It is going to be a thrilling yet fascinating experience diving into the blue waters of the island. We bet you will add diving to your recreational activity after immersing with the creatures undersea. They say that traveling will teach you a lot, and diving is one of the skills you will unlock when vising Coron and booking at SkyLodge Resort.

Coron, Palawan presents twelve drowned Japanese ships during World War II and became a spot for shipwreck and scuba diving to professional divers. There are several sites that beginners can explore if they are not confident to plunge underwater. Besides, you should not be worried about it as we have divemasters to teach and dive with you whenever you are interested. 


If diving is not your cup of tea, snorkeling is best for you. But we doubt that you will not give it a try going below the sea level. The sunken Japanese ships or skeleton wrecks are also a best site for the said activity. You will have a close encounter with sea turtles among the colorful coral reefs. You could also enjoy at the snorkeling sites such as Barracuda Lake, or Banul beach and the twin lagoons. If you are into underwater photography, you can also plunge through the waters of Siete Pecados and capture its stunning coral habitat.

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You will absolutely be in awe with the astounding natural attractions of Coron island Philippines. Moreover, travelers are applauding the hospitality of the locals, emphasizing comfortability and safety when visiting the island. GET YOUR BAGS PACKED AND FLY TO CORON, STAY AT SKYLODGE RESORT!


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