Top Things to Do in Coron, Palawan: A Travel Guide for Tourists

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A few weeks from now is the happiest month in the world! We are curious if you have already decided where you can celebrate the Christmas vacation. Most of you might not have determined the best place for you. Fret not! We are here to help you decide your travel destination for these upcoming holidays. One of the travelers’ top picks for their getaway is Coron, Palawan—known for its powdery white sand beaches and diving activities.

Here are some of the top things or highlights our guests from Manila enjoyed on their Coron vacation.



The visit to this enchanting spot is a part of the day one itinerary of the Coron, Palawan tour package.

They say that Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world. The 30-minute tricycle ride on the road to the hot spring is bumpy, but it is rewarding once you reach the enchanting tourist attraction. It is surrounded by mangrove trees, creating a wildlife atmosphere. The pool temperature ranges between 37° and 40° Celsius. Oh, men, be careful with the two ping-pong balls hanging below. You don’t want them boiled at Maquinit Hot Springs! Well, we are just kidding!



  1. ISLAND HOPPING NEVER GETS OLD —TOURISTS LOVE TO DO IT!More surprises await our visitors as we bring them to the best islands, boarding the SkyLodge’s boats. They were in awe as our boats floated with the thumping rhythm of the ocean. On our way to Kayangan lake, we are glad to see how excited and happy the guests are while they strike their best poses, capturing the majestic black jagged rock formations dividing parts of the waters.

Our first stop is at Kayangang Lake —one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines, nestled between forested mountains. It showcases its crystal-blue-green water, a mixture of fresh and salt. We can see and feel the satisfaction of our guests as they swim along with a group of needlefish.

Oh, wait a moment! It seems that travelers need to munch on their delicious lunches! To have a better ambiance for their meal, we headed towards Banul beach. It is just one of the mini white beaches found on the islands of Coron, Palawan. Tourists are in awe of its stunning seascape.

Just a few moments later, we proceed with our water adventure. It is time to visit the Twin Lagoon. As expected, they were amazed by the natural beauty of the lagoons. It is a pair of enchanting lagoons set amongst the black and vertical rock formations. What intrigues our guests is the shifting of cold and warm water while dipping in the deep lagoon. If you want to know the science behind switching temperature, avail yourself of our Coron getaway package.

We did not stop there. The guests were thrilled when we informed them to snorkel and dive to see the vibrant underwater biodiversity of Siete Pecados. And that’s a wrap! They enjoyed getting wet!




A new skill to learn for our guests from Manila! After island hopping, they are on a new adventure with SkyLodge’s Discover Scuba Diving. IT IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD NOT MISS WHEN BOOKING WITH US!

Since the tourists are all first-timers, our scuba instructor shared tips on using diving gear and breathing techniques underwater. For the first location of scuba diving, we headed towards Coron Youth Club (CYC) beach. Powdery white sand stretches the coastline of the beach, and mangrove trees grow on the crystal-clear waters, making the place paradise-like. It is the best arena for first-time divers to practice, as it is shallow.

Hooray! The guests are now good to go for shipwreck diving after training them at CYC beach. Coron is considered the wreck diving capital of the Philippines.

At East Tangat Shipwreck (one of the wrecks on the island), we guided the travelers as we dived towards the seafloor. They say the ship sunk during World War II on September 24, 1944. Some believed the wrecked ship was either a tugboat or an anti-submarine craft. What’s interesting here is the Nemo fish swimming around the vibrant coral reefs. It is a day to remember for the tourists, as they enjoyed the shipwreck diving that only happened during their stay at SkyLodge—a PADI 5-STAR DIVE RESORT.



ADD SCUBA AND SHIPWRECK DIVING TO YOUR HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES. Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) would love to serve everyone interested in experiencing underwater. CHECK OUR RATES HERE!



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