Coron is one of the top destinations and travel picks of adventurers located in the Northern part of Palawan, Philippines! It is very rich with unexploited biodiversities. Coron Island showcases its prehistoric rock formations, deep lakes, uncrowded powdery white-sand beaches, diverse marine life, and heavily forested mountains.

A two-day tour is not enough to fill a traveler’s bucket list when in Coron Island. Riding Skylodge resort’s private boat, we visited some of the astonishing places on the island.

Our first stop was SIETE PECADOS. It is best for snorkeling and kayaking. Dive from your boat and see the colorful marine sanctuary full of large corals and different types of aquatic animals and plants. SietePecados was named after seven sisters, disobeying their mother to swim in the serene waters and drowning, forming the seven islets we see today.
Swimming with the needle fishes in this Paradise Lake is rejuvenating.
Continuing our island hopping, we headed towards the famous KAYANGAN LAKE. It is among the 50 most beautiful places in Asia. Before reaching the lake, you need to hike more than 360 steps. It’s not bad, it warms you up!
The famous spot used for postcards when we talk about Coron, Palawan!
More or less 200 steps, tourists are lining up to take a photo on the famous spot overlooking the water body of the port entry of Kayangan Lake.
Visible large coral huddled on Kayangan Lake’s floor.
Nestled in between forested mountains, Kayangan Lake shows off its natural beauty. The lake’s crystal-blue-green water is a mixture of fresh and salt. Swimming with you is a group of needle fish which is shallow marine habitats.
LOOK: Enchanting jagged rocks engulfing the blue water of Twin lagoon.
Just a few minutes boat ride from Kayangan Lake, we travelled towards TWIN LAGOON.

A pair of enchanting lagoons set amongst the black and vertical jagged rock formations. While the other lagoon huddled in a more open space, its pair is enclosed by tall rock formations covered with bushy trees. Entering the lagoon is a bit challenging because of its narrow opening with stalagmite-like formations roofing the entrance. One can feel the shift of very cold and warm water while dipping in the deep lagoon.
The windless water is so inviting! So excited to swim in that blue water bordered with the extensive coast of Banul beach
After a dip in the calm water of twin lagoon, we travel towards BANUL BEACH.

Who says Coron has no white-sand beach? Banul beach is just one of the mini white beaches based in the islands of Coron, Palawan! We enjoyed the warm air fondling our skin while resting in the well-crafted nipa huts. You would not mind the scorching heat of the sun as serenity is indeed felt in this enticing shore.
How relaxing it is to run towards that white sand! It is worth it to wander this little island in the midst of the vast ocean. Definitely a perfect place for prenup and an instagrammable place for you!
On the next day,we headed towards the welcoming island of BULOG DOS. It took us more than an hour weaving with the ocean waves before reaching the island. Bulog Island is situated near Malaroyroy Peninsula at the northern end of Bulalacao, an island located southwest of Coron Island and adjoining Culion Island.
You can just jump right there and rush towards that alluring white-sand and calm crystal-clear water!
Priceless reactions can be seen in my companions’ faces as we jump out of the boat while the clement heat embraced us.

What’s more distinctive about this beach is the limestone rock formations nuzzled in the short-stretch of Bulog’s powdery sand.
During low tide, the sand-bar is more visible connecting to a bit bigger island which is privately owned. Indeed, Bulog Island is a perfect site to distress from your works!
To everyone who loves getting tanned, this is definitely a top choice for sun-bathing!
Distant from Bulog Island, we reached another naturally amazing beach which is dubbed as little Boracay — MALCAPUYA BEACH!
Our way to this reserved resort is full of surprises! Riding a pump boat, we are astounded with the vast ocean engulfed with dense islands. Sitting in the boat peacefully, we felt the thumping rhythm of the waves which excites us more!

We were greeted with the long-stretch of its powdery white-sand and sturdy coconut trees as the beach’s backdrop. The crystal clear water is so tempting that every visitor won’t resist swimming along with its small waves. The sweltering heat of the sun is not felt as the fresh and pleasant air relaxes us.

If you go towards the southern part of the coast, you will see black jagged rock formations which are perfect for your desired graphic and filmic pictorials!

In two days straight, we have explored these undeniably beautiful assets of Coron, Palawan!