If Island hopping is one of the relaxations you’ve been longing after this lengthy quarantine posed by the COVID-19, checkout Coron’s magnificent clusters of unexploited islands! It has several enchanting islets that attract the hearts of tourists. Each archipelago showcases unique natural wealth featuring crystal-clear blue waters, captivating rock formations, white-sand mini beaches, inviting deep-sea diving spots, and diverse aquatic biodiversity.  These exquisite beauty spots of Coron are giving special experience amongst travelers.

Certainly, booking a resort proximate and accessible to the top destinations on the island is ideal for tourists. To give you a more momentous vacation, decide on selecting a hotel with outstanding customer service, appetizing food, and top-notch amenities and accommodations.

Below are some of the places perfect for Island hopping.

Twin Lagoon

From where your boat sets, you will be in awe to glimpse the black and vertical jagged rock formations enclosing the dazzling pair of lagoons. Its haunting surrounding created by the calm water and inky stones enwreathing the place gives you thrill and excitement.

While the other lagoon nestled in a quiet open space, its pair huddled in a more bordered spot. Getting into the lake engulfed with forested rocks is a bit challenging. One needs to take extra precautions as stalagmites are roofing the entrance. Dipping into the lagoon gives you an unusual experience like never before. A tourist can feel weirdness as the water temperature is shifting from cold to warm, which makes it unique and enticing to the adventurers.

Kayangan Lake

Burrowed in the middle of the bushy mountains is a lake with limpid water. Hence, corals and needlefish are visible while strolling the wooden pathway bordering the lake. Moreover, you can vividly see your feet submerged in the translucent water. Soaking your body in the refreshing lake after hiking 360 steps from the entry port is gratifying. One cannot even notice the sweltering heat of the sun because of the freshwater and mountain air caressing your wet skin.

Along your way to this impressive lake is a famous spot overlooking the serene water body of Kayangan’s entrance. The spot is ideal for instagrammable photos; thus, visitors are lining to pose with the enchanting beauty of the place.

Barracuda Lake

The Lake secretly prides its picturesque beauty among tourists, as it is covered with rugged mountain ranges and filled with turquoise water. Swimming and snorkeling add excitement to travelers. But what allures most tourists is that the lagoon is best for scuba diving. It gives an extreme opportunity for divers to plunge through the vast mixture of fresh and saltwater of the Lake. Below the lagoon is a cave where advanced free divers can penetrate and explore. The cave is known to be the place of the presumed barracuda fish, for which the lake was named.

Definitely, Barracuda Lake has a lot to offer for divers!


Banul Beach

The mini beach incredibly captivates tourists with its fine and white sand stretching in the shoreline. Its paradise-like landscape brings you the feeling of departed from the civilization. The calm water fondling your skin while swimming towards the deeper portion accords serenity. 

One can enjoy the spectacular panorama of the entire beach even merely staying on the boat while sightseeing. Indeed, this adds to the highlights of your memorable experience in Coron. (Embed this:

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Malcapuya Island

The island is completely remote but entices tourists due to its eccentric scenery.

Your way to the island is thrilling. Tourists need to pass through the vast ocean connecting to the open sea of Coron. After a few hours of journeying with the waves, you will be astonished by the fine powdery white sand and palm trees extending the seashore. Thus, Malcapuya was dubbed as the little Boracay. Moreover, the fresh beach air is undeniably perfect with the magnificent landscape of the place.

Resting from the coastline while sunbathing, you can view the peaceful horizon of the blue ocean as if it is infinite. The place is noteworthy to be on your island-hopping bucket list.


Black Island

To some travelers, the island brings them an uncanny feeling due to its mysterious-like environment. However, that feeling is disregarded because of its tempting tranquil water and fine white sand.

The island has special to offer to the adventurers. Several caves and undisturbed beaches are lying on the islet. For tourists who love snorkeling, Black Island showcases a phenomenal reef surrounding the islet’s territory. Cliff jumping also tempts adventurers to explore the place. Stalactites and rock formations are also among the highlights as you penetrate through the depth of the caves.

Black island should not slip through your list when you happen to have a vacation in Coron, Palawan!

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If you dream of an unforgettable island-hopping experience, Coron is the best place to wonder! There are various recreational activities that adventurers can traverse while staying on the island. You will never run out of options wandering around as the place exhibits remarkable unexploited ecological wealth. BOOK the best Coron island tour with us!

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