Post-pandemic Weddings: Best Honeymoon Getaways

Every couple dream of having the best of their times at famous tourist destinations after their wedding. However, the newlywed’s wishes of having extravagant moments at places that are intimate for them became unreachable for two years. Fortunately, travel restrictions are now relaxed for tourists, allowing everyone on leisure trips.

The idea of celebrating love on a most-visited island may be perfect after a long hiatus of not being with nature. It is also essential to consider that after being stuck together at home, having a vacation at the top romantic island destinations or honeymoon vacation spots, like Coron, Palawan, is lovely for partners. The island showcases heritage sites, wildlife attractions, local delicacies produced by the locals, among its famous beaches and islands. Discovering the island also brings life and color to the cultural heritage of the Philippines, with the stories shared by tour guides as you wander the classic beauty of Coron.


Coron continuous to exude its natural charm from the inland attractions and beaches to water activities that lovers can share a moment. The island exhibits its freshwater lake that became popular for tourists. Kayangan lake is one of the bodies of water that is fresh. It will definitely be on top of the couple’s choice to explore. 

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As you wander the vast ocean of the island, the dramatic rock formations will stun you and make you realize how magical it is to be with your partner while island hopping. An endless surprise will greet you as you stroll towards the twin lagoons nestled and surrounded by the black-jagged rock formations covered with bushy trees.  It gives you the feeling of being with your loved one in a thrilling yet romantic adventure movie. 
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As a new escapade for lovers, scuba diving or snorkeling is an ideal of cherishing time together. Coron, Palawan is famous for diving activities, as it houses 12 sunken wartime ships that became diving spots. Underwater creatures have inhabited the place that is cool for husband and wife to explore together. You can now see who is braver underwater! If the depth of water scares any one of you, snorkeling is perfect. There are shallow waters for snorkeling, such as Siete Pecados. 

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A great place to capture your intimate moments is at the famous white-sand beaches, like Malcapuya Island, Bulog Dos Island, and CYC beach.

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