PH Jumpstarts Tourism, Top Pick Destination in SEA in the Q1 of 2022

Coron Palawan Tourism

In the first quarter of 2022, the Philippines opened its borders to international tourists after several months of shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism in the country deteriorated, and locals were greatly affected. When the government announced, Filipinos widely opened their arms to welcome tourists.

Opening the tourism industry has made the people of the Philippines prouder as it emerged the top pick destination of tourists in South East Asia in the first quarter of 2022. The travel booking in the country increased significantly after the government released a statement about its plan of opening the borders in January of this year. However, the tourists that will enter the vicinity must be fully-vaccinated. (READ MORE GUIDELINES HERE)

In an article released by NationBuilder, Travelport mentioned that “51 percent of all international flight bookings in SEA went to the Philippines and Thailand – nations that reopened and eased their restrictions for foreign travel early.”

If you are planning a vacation in the tropical paradise of the Philippines, we recommend Coron, Palawan, as your first stop! The magnificent island constantly surprises travelers with its natural wonders, from marine life to inland attractions.

One of the most popular activities when visiting the place is island-hopping. Journeying with the calm waves of the ocean will amaze tourists as they go from one spot to another. In the middle of the ocean, several rock formations divide the blue and deep waters of the island. The scene of the jagged black rocks gives you a feeling of like sailing through the Caribbean Sea.

The usual first stop of travelers is at Siete Pecados. The water is clear as a crystal, which allows you to see corals nestled on the seabed. It is best for snorkeling. SkyLodge Resort offers Discover Scuba Diving that will let you explore the underseas. It should be on your bucket list to plunge into the water of Siete Pecados to experience its vibrant marine sanctuary.

Meanwhile, shipwreck diving also became famous in Coron, Palawan because of the historical sunken wartime ships, which are a result of the attack of the US Navy to the Japanese Imperial during the World War II. The enchanting dive spots include Lusong Gunboat, East Tangat Wreck, and Morazán / Olympia Maru, among others. If you are a traveler ready to add a thrill to your vacation memories, shipwreck diving may be the best recreational activity for you. WATCH MORE DIVING VIDEOS HERE


Of course, white-sand beaches are the best to chill while getting tanned! Numerous paradise-like beaches surround the ocean of Coron. The photographic landscapes of the seashore astound every guest, landing on the powdery-white sand stretching the coastline. Indeed, Boracay is not the only one with impressive beaches.


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