Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Siargao Top the List of Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines

Countless international travelers have been flocking in and out of the country before the pandemic hit us. It gives an impression that the Philippines is among the most-visited travel destinations across the globe. We cannot deny that it features lots of the most beautiful islands offering water and thrilling inland activities to adventurers. Not only does the country prides its impressive local spots, but it easily captures the hearts of travelers for being hospitable.

Despite a small country, it exudes a bigger picture of its natural wonders found on its islands from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. Apart from the beauty spots, the country also exhibits its rich and vibrant cultural and traditional heritage which are unique to visitors.

Meanwhile, here are some of the beaches or islands you can explore as the leisure trips are now open. However, please note that COVID-19 protocols are strictly imposed on the following travel destinations.


It has emerged as the top pick of the online publication “Guide to the Philippines” as the most beautiful island in the country. Coron continues to impress vacationists with its diverse and spectacular biodiversity, from coastal to inland. One can’t get over the breathtaking beauty spots that offer distinct characteristics and keep on surprising us.

The island showcases unexploited white-sand beaches surrounded by blue waters that relax every beach bum stepping onto the paradise-like place. It may be a small municipality, but it has various hidden gems that keep on stunning the tourists. Truly, it is an understatement to say that the beaches are beautiful because it is beyond. Not only do they capture your sight, but the places feed your soul. An ideal vacation spot to have a breather!

Tourists also are now hooked to the diving escapades of the island. To first-time Coron travelers, the place is home to a dozen of sunken wartime ships, becoming spots for diving activities. Having a few days of respite in this town will give you more experiences than you think.

Coron sets its foot at the Northern tip of Palawan.


Forbes has considered the place as “heaven on earth.” Several publications have also recognized the place as one of the best island beaches worldwide because of its eccentric beauty. The paradise-like travel destination is the gateway to the breathtaking Bacuit Archipelago with awe-inspiring 45 islands and islets.

Like Coron, Palawan, El Nido attracts travelers with island hopping, cliff hiking, and scuba diving activities. This cluster of islands is off the tip of the Palawan that features dramatic rock formations bordered by calming bright-blue waters.

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We assume almost everyone knows about Boracay for its popularity. Throughout the years, international travel publications named the destination one of the best islands in Asia. Well-known celebrities are also flocking to have days of respite in this famous summer vacation spot.

Boracay has been known for its long-stretched powdery-white sand beaches and beachfront 5-star hotels. Stunning views such as the romantic sunset keep attracting adventurers to have a break in this magnificent land. Likewise, it continues to surprise visitors of all ages with various activities. One may still not miss city life as the island is also popular for its parties.

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It is found in the humble region of Central Visayas, comprising Cebu Island and more than 150 smaller surrounding wonderful islands and islets. The growing proudly presents its port capital, Cebu City, home to 16th-century Spanish heritage sites such as Basilica Minore del Santo Niño church and triangular Fort San Pedro.

Cebu, the oldest city in the Philippines, which is now a highly urbanized urban area, does not fall short in showcasing its wonders. It nestles tourist spots such as beaches, falls, and cultural sites.

Diving is also a famous activity for tourists. One of the well-known dive sites is the splendid island of Malapascua, allowing visitors to swim with thresher sharks. Likewise, swimmers or divers can go along beneath the waves with millions of sardines at Moalboal.
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The surfing capital of the Philippines will leave you hanging when visiting, as it gives you the definition of the phrase “WORTH IT!” It has powdery white sand beaches, extraordinary islands, stunning natural lagoon pools, and astonishing mangrove forest reserve, to name a few.

According to research “the island of Siargao shot to fame when international surfers discovered its barrel-shaped waves in Siargao surfing spots like Cloud 9, considered one of the world’s best.”

Siargao, a teardrop-shaped small island, dubbed by locals, is located at the northeastern coast of Mindanao.

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6. Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan

Discover one of Asia’s premier natural wonders and tourist destinations. In the northern part of the Philippines, western side of Luzon lies the hundred islands national park, Pangasinan. It is a six to eight-hour bus ride from the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila. Exactly sets its foot at Alaminos, Pangasinan. 

There are water activities offered in the developed islands in Hundred Islands such as kayaking, jet-ski, banana boat ride, helmet diving, scuba diving, parasailing, and many more. Wall climbing, rappelling, and ziplining from one island to another are also available in the Hundred Islands.

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GET READY TO AMAZED by these one of a kind tourist detitanations huddled in the marvelous land of orient seas— Philippines!

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