Get In loved with Ditaytayan Sandbar and Banana Island, Coron, Palawan!

Relive the feeling of getting sun-kissed while strolling the coastline of the superb beaches in the Philippines! As it slowly opens its doors to international and local travelers, businesses like resorts are excited to welcome their guests. Indeed, a great help to the tourism industry of the country. Likewise, a perfect time for us to re-experience and breathe the beauty of nature.

Well, if you are only thinking of those wonders with your travel throwbacks and have not yet gotten out of your home after two years of co-existing with the current health crisis, we are teasing you of the magnificent islands of Coron, Palawan!

Enliven your summer vacation by visiting the Ditaytayan sandbar and Banana Island found in the abundant land of Coron.

The powdery-white sand beach connecting to the lucid blue waters of the Ditaytayan sandbar will awaken your long-lost enthusiasm for island hopping. They say that the place is considered one of the most beautiful sand bars in the Philippines. Precisely, we agree with such a claim. Landing at this magical destination will leave you thinking of the “Garden of Eden.” It may not be the same, but how they describe the biblical place may be a paragon and not an exaggeration for Ditaytayan. It is one of the farthest photo-perfect exotic islands in Coron but beyond the worth experience.

Describing the magnificent tourist site may not convince you. Hence, we have here a video of our guest, the team of the famous talent manager, Ogie Diaz, who landed on the island.

A jaw-dropping epitome of paradise called Banana Island is also waiting for you to experience and see its natural beauty. The blue sky down to the calming blue waters touching the powdery-white sand beach is a wonder to behold. Imagine stepping onto this kind of place barefooted with eyes closed; it gives you the feeling of regaining the lost energy and strengthening your soul. An emblem of relaxation, truly! The place resembles a big banana, hence, the origin of the name. Here’s a glimpse of the Banana Island you should not miss when visiting Coron!

How to go to Banana Island and Ditaytayan Sandbar?

The best way to go to the famous spots is by booking with a hotel offering tour packages or checking on an accredited tour operator in town. For a hassle-free journey to the place, we recommend having the affordable Coron tour packages of SkyLodge Resort. The hotel has boats bringing its guests to different travel destinations, including the Ditayatayan Sandbar and Banana Island. 

How to go to Coron, Palawan?

Going to the island of Coron will not give you a headache, it’s easy and stress-free. There are several options a traveler can consider —via plane or vessel. Before you will reach the remarkable town of Coron, you will land in Busuanga Airport (USU), also known as Francisco B. Reyes Airport. Meanwhile, if you boarded a vessel, your main entry to the place is through Coron Port. SEE FULL DETAILS BY CLICKING HERE!

The municipality of Coron is a perfect vacation getaway because it has everything for the guests — food, accommodation and beauty spots!

Let us help you land on your dream Coron destination with our AFFORDABLE TOUR PACKAGES. WANDER WITH US NOW!

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