Coron, Palawan Travel Guide: Accommodations

The Philippines does not fail short in attracting foreigners as it offers top destinations that include one of the famous islands —Coron, Palawan! It is well-known for its various features, such as shallow-water coral reefs, amazing white-sand beaches, sunken World War II ships for diving, freshwater lake, among others.

Travelers often say that the place is more suitable for family vacations and diving adventures, while El Nido is popular with couples for honeymoon getaways. Below is a cheat sheet for first-time travelers of Coron.

After considering the places to visit for a vacation, one of the most considerations in selecting the accommodation is security and quality services. There are numerous options tourists can pick to stay when vising the island. Will you choose resorts in the mountains, beachfront hotels, or vacation rentals in the town? HERE’S YOUR CORON PALAWAN TRAVEL BROCHURE  FOR ACCOMMODATIONS:

If you are looking for a different atmosphere after your island or beach hopping, staying at SkyLodge Resort is the best option. It gives a unique experience to tourists visiting the island as they can have a bonus view of the Coron town and bay, and the famous Mt. Tapyas. It is not your common choice of hotel on the beachfront. It also offers Discover Scuba Diving to travelers and has amenities such as a swimming pool and mini-gym, to name a few. The resort is a few-minute drive to Coron bay and accessible for island tours. Don’t hesitate to choose us for your trip —it’s an accommodation to remember! 


Aside from SkyLodge Resort, you can also enjoy your stay on beach resorts. Lovers can consider staying in this type of accommodation for their honeymoon. Most of the resorts on the beach are a bit expensive, but it is also worth the experience. Like other resorts, it offers amenities such as spas and indoor swimming pool.


If you want easy access to a city-like life, you may stay at the hotels in Coron, Town. It is a bit busy at night as restaurants and bars are present in the vicinity. You can freely wander the town when staying at one of the hotels in the place. If you consider lodging here, there are various hotels with unique facilities depending on your budget. Moreover, mid-range hotels usually have en-suite bathrooms in their rooms and private indoor pool.

There are hostels available for budget backpackers too! They are situated in Coron town and near the beaches. If you are the cowboy or cowgirl type of traveler, it may ideal to you. The accommodation is a dorm-type with shared bathrooms. Don’t worry, the hostels offer Wi-Fi, toiletries and free breakfast.


Families visiting on the island has lots of options to stay. Aside from SkyLodge Resort, you may book at some of the vacation rentals, allowing you to pay for an entire house. It gives your family privacy. According to a blog, most vacation rentals are guesthouses and offer amenities such as kitchen and laundry.

Have a vacation that’s safe, satisfying and worth it for your pocket. BOOK WITH US NOW AS WE WANDER THE timeless beauty of CORON!

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