A Guide: Where to Eat in Coron, Palawan?

Coron will always be at the heart of tourists for its astounding natural attractions—beaches, underwater sanctuary, and offshore spots. Meanwhile, it also exhibits and impresses travelers with its world-class served cuisines at the different restaurants in town. Here are some of the go-to dining places that you will love and admire!

1. Nothing’s better than dining from atop!

St. Michael Café and Restobar at SkyLodge Resort amazed tourists with its location. It is nestled on a top of a mountain where fresh air embraces the restaurant. Imagine having your dinner from atop while being serenaded by professional live bands with great views surrounding you? Indeed, a new experience for the guests staying at the resort.

From the atmosphere to the served menu, dining is perfect at St. Michael Café and Restobar! It connects you to the sound of the wild as chirping birds are flying around the restaurant as you eat. If you are lucky, it will be more romantic with stars and moon gleaming over you at night time.

The restaurant serves a variety of local and international cuisines. Dining here brings You will never run out of options on what to eat. Tourists never leave St. Michael Café and Restobar unsatisfied.

Click here to know more about the dishes.

2. Have a lunch stop at Kawayanan Grill

It serves various Filipino seafood and exotic dishes, which made an impact on the visitors to the island. The restaurant is one of the biggest dining spots in town. 

Who would not want to savor the served tasty grilled and fried seafood such as shrimps, squid, crab, and fish? Filipinos are known to be heavy eaters —the main course, there’s “panghimagas” or dessert for every meal. Thus, the grill station serves meat dishes paired with rice to satisfy the cravings of its guests. They come in pork or chicken barbecue, among others.

3. One of the Filipinos’ favorites follows you in Coron—barbecue!

Karl’s BBQ Restaurant is perfect for travelers on a budget! It may not be expensive, but the palatability of the foods is one of a kind. They impress the tourists with their specialties, such as baby back ribs served in tender and juicy texture.

The budget-friendly restaurant lies close to Mt. Tapyas— a kilometer away. After hiking the 721 steps of the grassy mountain, one can regain the energy by stopping by the food house.

4. Seafood cuisines are perfect after island hopping!

Visit the home of the best ribs and seafood in town— Santino’s Grill! You can find them at Coron-Busuanga Road, Tagumpay, Coron.

The Filipino-inspired restaurant has just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. No wonder it reached a decade of pleasing the tourists flocking in and out of the island in 10 years. 

Their seafood specialties include Binukadkad at Pinaputok na Tilapia, chili garlic crab, and salted egg yolk crab. They also satisfy their customers with popular meat dishes in their unique recipes, such as Lechon belly and the baby back ribs.

5.  Go fresh, healthy and tasty at Pacifico, Coron!

The western colonization somehow reflected in the cuisines of the restaurant. It is a home to sumptuous burgers served with fries and refreshments. One of their best-sellers is the Aussie Burger. They burger comes in medium, medium-well or well-done.

You don’t need to worry about the ambiance as it has an air conditioner that makes your dining comfy.

6. Chill and Get Satisfied with Local Cuisines at Sharky’s Restobar

You can find this resto-bar with a shark figurine at the entrance along Dinagpan Road, Coron town proper. They serve the popular and most-loved Filipino dishes like crispy-pata. Along with the latter cuisine, they satisfy their customers with their uniquely-cooked beef “papaitan,” an Ilocano dish, crocodile sisig, and many more selections!


You will not only be impressed with the astonishing Coron travel destinations but you will be in awe and satisfied with the local and international foods served in the town.

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